Shell Mould Castings Manufacturers

    Shell mold casting, also known as shell molding or shell core casting, is a precision casting process that uses a reusable mold or shell made of a thermosetting resin-coated sand. The shell mold is produced by forming a thin layer of sand mixture around a pattern, which is heated to cure the resin and create a hard shell. This shell is then removed from the pattern and assembled with other shells to create a complete mold.

    The shell mold casting process typically involves the following steps:

    1. Pattern creation: A pattern, usually made of metal or plastic, is created to match the desired shape of the final casting.
    2. Shell mold formation: The pattern is heated and coated with a mixture of resin and sand to create a sand shell around the pattern. This shell is sufficiently thin to allow for even and efficient heat transfer during casting.
    3. Shell assembly: Multiple shell halves are assembled together to create a complete mold. Cores or additional features may also be added to the mold at this stage.
    4. Mold preheating: The assembled mold is preheated to remove any moisture and ensure the shell is fully cured and ready for casting.
    5. Metal pouring: Molten metal is poured into the shell mold to fill the cavity. The metal solidifies and takes the shape of the mold.
    6. Cooling and solidification: After pouring, the mold is allowed to cool, and the metal solidifies inside the mold cavity.
    7. Mold removal: Once the casting has cooled and solidified, the shell mold is broken or removed to reveal the finished casting.

    Shell mold casting offers several advantages, including high accuracy and dimensional consistency, improved surface finish, and the ability to cast complex shapes with thin walls. It is commonly used in the production of small to medium-sized metal components, such as engine parts, pump housings, and industrial equipment components.

    • Shell moulding is suitable for mass production of thin - walled casting in any metal having the size of few grams to 20 kg most commonly used Concrete machinery, Pipes & Elbows, Shot blasting machine spares.
    • Total capacity of 150 tons / Month of shell mould production.
    • Casting manufactured steel, Ductile iron, Ni-Resist & Abrasion resistant casting.